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All Creation Sings

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All Creation Sings, 2007

If Machinery acted as a kind of call to a certain kind of person, ACS is the album that grew out of the response. After Machinery and its subsequent tours Jon felt an impulse to share and expand--that the way forward was to go as a community, in conversation--at which point BJ appeared with a willing heart and an ability to play everything. Together they laid the framework for what would follow, by finding a way to reconcile Jon's meandering, unpredictable performance style with the cooperation and ownership people need in order to play together. In short, how to go from being an "I" to a "we." The band grew quickly and naturally, pulling friend/fans from the Frostburg area's vibrant and diverse music scene. Personhood was always at the fore, so members were chosen for their relationship and desire rather than for specific skills. It was given that the band's sound would be determined by the abilities and instruments of its members. The aesthetic boundary set was that there would be no electric instruments. This era was to be more about finding energy in each other and the air, the ground, and what watches over these systems, rather than from the wall socket and what watches over those systems. The resulting genre-avoiding junkyard ensemble brought these songs to life and continued to grow and change them after the release of this album. From the anthemic "Builder Down" and the circus-stomp "Broke Leg Dance" to the desolate "Semaphore," comic "Senorita," and barnstorming "Vision," this is a must-have album for anyone following the story.

Track Listing: Come Down, Rollout, Semaphore, Builder Down, The Broke Leg Dance, Occupied, Surely These, Suzy, Senorita, The Frozen Brine, The Meadows, Balm for Gilead, I Had a Vision, Your Love is Away